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January 18, 2022



Poultry Industry explains how farmers can use Covid-19 to their advantage

May 19, 2020

Novel corona virus, a pandemic which has caused a halt in many activities resulting in job losses.Notwithstanding it has shockingly been defined as a mixed blessing to Ghana, according to the Poultry Farmers' Association in the Ashanti Region.

Members of the Ashanti regional Poultry Farmers' Association have described the pandemic as a savior to Ghana since it has come to rescue the country from importing foreign products such as frozen chicken etc. making their products a supposedly import substitute.

Their side of the woes is that Bank of Ghana (BoG), instead of easing their loan conditions to help boost local productions, is now turning to be more wicked to poultry farmers with an unbearable interest which is far from the president's dream to encourage local production as a result of this pandemic.

Mrs. Harriet Roberta Osei, CEO for the Oserby Unique Ventures Farms at Ejisu Kubease in an interview with the silverNEWS explained that the novel corona virus has reduced her employee number from 52 to 21.

However, She indicated that Covid-19 has also been an advantage to the poultry industry since they are the only background left for the country's survival from famine should the government and the BoG help invest more into the sector.

"We will be able to employ more as nobody goes to China and other countries again for Ghana's daily meal''.

"I had to lay off these workers, not that I'm wicked but it got to a time I could not squarely feed and pay them their salaries and all is resulting from the fact that Bank of Ghana is refusing to give us soft loans", she cried out.

Relatively,the Chairman of the Ashanti Regional Poultry Farmers' Association, Mr. Boris Baidoo, CEO of Boris B farms, has said that the virus has rather been a blessing than curse to the poultry industry and at the same time more disadvantaged to them hence describing it as swings and roundabouts.

Explaining the positive side of covid19, Dr. Boris Baidoo revealed that the virus has helped promote local production and has made most local industries and their products an import substitute.

Touching on the negative side of covid-19, Dr. Boris Baidoo said the virus has caused loss of jobs, destroyed many industries,hitting hard on the world's economy.

Poultry farmers in the region, according to President Boris Baidoo have been hit with the pandemic due to the closure of hospitality industries and other poultry product purchasing firms.

Boris B commended the government and the Minister for Agric, Dr. Akoto Afriyie for putting in much effort to help revive poultry and other livestock firms with its rearing for food and jobs initiative, but also blamed the bank of Ghana for being wicked to poultry farmers with their unbearable loan collateral and interest.

"Some of us were born businessmen otherwise we would have sold our firms and gone out of it........but hey, mind you we have a heart doing that would promote rampant armed robbery in the country due to the unemployment rate", he said.

He appealed to the Bank of Ghana to amend its policies to ease loans whiles urging other heads of poultry firms to endure in these trying times and shun employee lay-off.

Source: Nana Peprah Gideon / silverNEWS / Ghana



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