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January 18, 2022



Ashanti: Mason cum farmer found dead hours after going to his farm

Apr 29, 2020

Residents of Nnerebehi in the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipality of the Ashanti Region have been thrown into a state of anxiety after discovering a body of a man in his farm last Saturday.

This development has however caused fear and panic among the residents of the farming community as this is the second time within two weeks that two persons have been discovered dead in a bush.

The cause of his death was not immediately known. However, suspicions are rife among residents that the incident might be a ritual murder.

The deceased, Kwame Awuah, 45, who is  a mason and farmer, was found dead in his farm Saturday morning by a colleague farmer who was also going to his farm.

He quickly rushed to the deceased wife and informed her what he had seen.
An eye witness, Appiah Kubi Augustine, alias Apushme, said, the deceased was last seen Saturday morning around 7:00 am and later found dead hours after going to his farm.

The Assemblyman for Nnerebehi Electoral Area, John Hawkson Anane, confirmed the incident and said, the body has been taken to the Frimpong- Boateng Medical Center (Toase) morgue for a possible autopsy, while Police at Nkawie has launched investigation into the incident.

He told DAILY WATCH GHANA that deceased was lying in a prone position with his body already decomposing, something which he found to be mysterious.

“It baffles almost everyone in this community why the deceased body could be in that decomposed state because many saw him going to his farm. We cannot just understand it because he died today and was found today around 5:00 pm, so why his decomposing body,” the assemblyman quizzed.

The Assembly member, who is also the Presiding Member for the Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal Assembly, appealed to the Police to find the perpetrators and bring them to book, and increase security in the community and the neighbouring areas.

He also advised the residents to be vigilant and urged them not to go to their farms alone to prevent future occurrences.

“Find someone to go to your farms with, ‘don’t just go alone’,” he admonished.

In another development, the chief of Nnerebehi, Oheneba Bona Many disclosed, ritual have been performed on the banks of River Of`in where a dead body of a woman was found two weeks ago.

In an interview via phone with the traditional lord, he said that sheep and fowls were slaughtered to appease the river and also to assist in the arrest of the perpetrators that committed that heinous crime.

He also disclosed that the deceased who was a twin has allegedly been given her twin a nightmare, adding, "We (the chief and his elders) called the father of the deceased and her twin sister and we also perform some rituals on her to drive away the spirit of her late sister."

"We have consulted the river god and have appealed to her to deal ruthlessly with anybody who is involved in her death. If she died a natural death then so be it but if someone took  her life away then the gods should deal with the person and that's why they brought the eggs, sheep and the fowls," the concerned furthered.

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