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January 18, 2022



Kumasi: SHS 2 student bit off lower lip of an SHS 2 student.

May 18, 2020

A seventeen year old General Arts form two (2) student of Kumasi Girls’ Senior High School, Ellen Amoah, has had her lower lip bitten off by a ‘violent’ form two student of Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

The suspect, Itikan Hussein, also 17, has since been arrested by the police at Suame.

Narrating the sad incident to DAILY WATCH GHANA at the police station, the victim who could hardly speak said she lives in the same vicinity with the suspect at Bohyen, a suburb of Kumasi for the past two years.

“This girl has tried to fight me ever since we located to this place about two years ago, and I do not really know the crime I have committed against her,” she said.

On Wednesday, May, 13 Itikan, allegedly rained insults on the victim and her younger sister all day and vowed to beat the two sisters wherever she meets them.

At about 9:30pm the same day, the suspect picked up a quarrel with the younger sister of the victim called Akua and when the victim who was attending a nature’s call at a public toilet got to the scene, the suspect turned to her (victim) and began to insult her too.

“I collected 50 pesewas from my mum to attend nature’s call and when I got out, I saw Itikan insulting my sister so I told her to escort me to the toilet. As soon I said this, Itikan called me ‘sickler, you are the one I am looking for’.

Before I could utter a word Itikan and her other sister pounced on us and began beating us whiles their (Itikan and sister) mother was standing nearby watching us fight,” the victim narrated.

The victim added that, the mother of the suspect allegedly held her (victim) hands at the back whiles the suspect punched her repeatedly.

“I felt a sharp pain on my lower lips and when I said ‘Itikan has bitten off my lips, the suspect’s mother told me she wished her daughter had chewed off my mouth’ ”, the victim confirmed.

Hearing the cry of the victim, her brother, Richard Amoah rushed to the scene and took her sister home.

The victim was rushed to the County Hospital at Abrepo for treatment after which her brother reported the case to the police at Suame.

Both the victim and the suspect have had their statements taken by the police.

Meanwhile, a source at the police station confirmed to DAILY WATCH that the suspect was going to be given a police enquiry bail but would be arraigned before court soon.

Source: David Afum


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