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January 18, 2022



Ashgold president appoints his son, others on new management Featured

May 01, 2020

Ashanti Gold President Dr Kwaku Frimpong has constituted a new management team headed by his son, Emmanuel Frimpong with support from astute football administrator Roy Arthur.

Emmanuel Frimpong, who is 27 years old, will serve as the club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – a position which became vacant following the resignation of Frederick Acheampong last month.

“We want to make Ashanti Gold one of the biggest brand in African Football,” Frimpong said following his appointment.

Despite being a novice in football management, the young administrator is confident of succeeding in his new role with the support of club president.

“With the support of my management and Dr Kwaku Frimpong, we can make it. Being C.E.O of Ashanti Gold is not a matter of age,” he said.

“Ashanti Gold is always ready to compete in Africa,” he added.

Roy Arthur, a respected football agent, has been handed Sporting Director role. Roy Arthur is the most experienced in the five-member management team, having served as CEO of BA United.
“It is a privilege to have this opportunity to join Ashgold as the Sporting Director. I think it’s great, looking forward to this new giant challenge and I hope to help the team achieve more success in the future,” he said.

Other members of the management are Seth Boakye Agyemang, Gibrine Musa and Daniel Bioh.

Below is list of members and their positions

1. Chief Executive Officer — Emmanuel Frimpong

2. Administrative Manager — Seth Boakye Agyemang

3. Sporting Director — Roy Arthur

4. Operation Director — Gibrine Musa (Zamba)

5. Secretary/Media  Officer — Daniel Bioh

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